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Do you know which Forest Fone it is when Tegan asks Sara to go to the movies? The Factory Girl one?


hi :) that’s from chapter 1 (i was married)

Hey :) Your blog is awesome! I was wondering gif you could tell me what episode of forest fone you go the model through it gif from? I've been looking for it for ages but I cant find it! Thanks :)

thank you so much! that’s from chapter 2 (relief next to me) :D

i fucking love this blog oh MY GOD how did i not know this existed i am utterly obsessed with tegan and sara! can you follow back here or do you have a personal blog im sorry im too shy!


hi anon! lol this message cracked me up. i cannot follow back here, but i won’t suggest you follow me on my personal blog either! cause its totally unrelated haha. but you can follow my main tegan and sara blog which is :)

lmao sorry for stalking both of your awesome tegan and sara tumblrs. just cant help saying that i love the new theme so much! also hope you can update this blog with more of your amazing stuff! xx

don’t be sorry! and thanks, i will be updating this blog.

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God, I love you for creating this blog. The Con means so much to me, it's my favorite Tegan and Sara album by far!!!

hi, thanks a lot!